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Renowned for her strength and grace, Shimmy believes in the importance of incorporating conditioning for strength and flexibility into pole training.  


Shimmy  has a background in gymnastics, and is able to spot students when teaching complex pole moves, to give students additional confidence to execute difficult moves. Shimmy has taught all over the world, and is based at her studio in Sydney, the Pole Dance Academy.


Please contact  Shimmy to request pole performances, workshops or private classes. 


Beginner - Intermediate – Advanced
In this workshop, learn some of Shimmy's beautiful signature combos and tricks to incorporate into your own performances and training. Shimmy’s signature tricks include unusual grips, flex moves, power moves and plenty of spinning. If you’re not used to using the pole on spinning mode, Shimmy will teach you techniques to control your momentum.


Shimmy's most popular workshop! Learn how to get down and dirty in the sexiest way with this workshop. Shimmy’s floorwork style is sexy, sensual and acrobatic. Shimmy will teach you the basics of sexy floorwork, and you will learn a fully choreographed routine.

Bring leg warmers, heels and knee pads

**No pole required for this workshop, but pole can be incorporated. Please advise Shimmy as to how the workshop space will be set up**





Handstand training is really important for developing core strength and control for pole. In this workshop, Shimmy will teach the basics of headstands, handstands, elbow stands and press up handstands. You will learn how use your new skills in your pole and floor work.  


This workshop is suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to more advanced hand balancers. Options will be given according to skill level. 























Discover your naughty side and take a lap dance class with Shimmy... learn all the tricks you need to put together a fun and sexy lap routine.

If you’re feeling adventurous, give acro- lap a try, and learn to put headstands, backbends and drop splits into your lap routines.

RECOMMENDED: knee pads and leg warmers


Ok... Here's a little secret: Shimmy had to work really hard for her back flexibility. Some people are born with natural back flexibility, but if you weren't one of those lucky ones, then come and learn Shimmy's techniques to improve your flexibility. 

Suitable for all levels, especially those with limited back flexibility.  

Shimmy's conditioning classes at Pole Dance Academy are always packed - find out why.

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